Bicycle Safety
Six Point Check
See & Be Seen
Stay Alert
Rules of the Road
Motorist & Vehicles
Basic Skills & Traffic
Riding at Night
Avoid Fatal Crashes
Prevent Theft
Important Tips
Important Bicycling Safety Tips
  • Make it a habit! Six point safety check your bike every time.
  • Protect your head. Wear a helmet.
  • See and be seen. Be visible.
  • Stay alert. Listen and Look.
  • Obey the rules of the road.
  • Use your hand signals.
  • Remember that some drivers just don't see you.
  • Don't ride in traffic until you can safely negotiate it.
  • Avoid riding at night, but if you do, be visible
  • Be predictable. Don't surprise anyone else on the road.
  • Prevent bicycle theft. Lock up your bike.