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The topics included in the series center around four main areas:

The following topics are to be included in the Community Safety Series. New modules will be released each month. Colors indicate expected availability.

Currently Available
Fall 2000
Year 2001

Bicycle Safety
Firearm Safety
Defensive Driving

Child Passenger Restraints/Seatbelts
Motorcycling Safety
Pedestrian Safety
Fire Safety
Boating Safety
ATV Safety
Snowmobile Safety
Playground Safety
Toxic Substances in the Home
Internet Safety
Safe Baby-sitting
School Safety

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Crime Prevention
Securing Your Vacation Home
Preventing Crimes Against Seniors
Auto Theft Prevention

Home Security
Vacation Crime Prevention Tactics
Business Travel Safety
Preventing Sexual Assaults
Preventing Child Abductions
Preventing Business Robberies
Preventing Workplace Violence
Identifying Con Artists
Preventing Robberies at ATM's
Small Business Crime Prevention

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Harmful Behavior Patterns
Recognizing Alcohol Abuse
Gang Membership Resistance

Recognizing Drug Abuse
Recognizing Child Abuse
Recognizing Elder Abuse
Dealing with Domestic Violence

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Understanding the Public Safety System
Basics of Community Policing
Overview of Criminal Justice Process
Appropriate Use of 911

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