Home security is always paramount to us to ensure our loved ones and our property are secure. We might wonder how much security is sufficient; while there is no easy answer to that, we can certainly make sure we cover all the basics to ensure we are doing our best.

After consulting with the experts, we put together a list of the best tips and guidelines that can help you improve your home security significantly.

1. Have Ground Floor Windows Fitted With Polycarbonate Glass

Windows are the most common part of a home to be broken into. A big part of this is because of how quickly a burglar can smash a window and enter. 

You can make your home more secure by replacing ground-floor window panes with polycarbonate glass. Polycarbonate glass is 200 times more smash-resistant than regular glass, meaning it should take a burglar at least several minutes to break in. 

If a burglar cannot break a window immediately, they will probably give up for fear of getting caught. This makes break-ins far less likely to occur.

Volodymyr Barabakh, Co-founder & Project Director Fortress Home

2. Think Like a Criminal

The easiest way to avoid any burglaries is to think like a criminal and don’t sell them short. Most burglars enter through the front doors, not the windows, or break them in. Ensure that your outside lights are properly working, and you lock every single window & door in the house, whether you’re there or not. Also, ensure that if you’re using fans or open windows, they’re secured as well with whatever tool you can find, including broomsticks/dowel rods.

Robert Sollars, Security Consultant/Trainer Sollars Violence Prevention

3. Consider Multi-Layered Security

Alarm, security screens on doors and windows (especially backsliders!), dogs, guns, neighborhood watch, etc. Just one solution is not nearly sufficient.

4. Remove Obstructions From The Perimeter

Make sure the exterior perimeter of your home is free of obstructions like bushes or other objects- they provide a good cover for criminals. 

5. Light Up!

Make sure you have bright and automated porch lights and cameras above each door. Your backyard and front yard should be well-lit and open.

6. Entry Rules

Discuss security rules with your family members, especially minors. Make sure that they know not to open the door to any strangers and have an easy way to contact you in an emergency.

7. Don’t Forget The Side Gates!

Lock your side gates and even electric box cover with the small locks – many people leave those open, and that’s when the entire home can be incapacitated and cut off.

 Elena Ledoux, the COO of Boss Security Screens

8. Keep Your Valuables Secure

While we don’t want anything taken, certain items are more valuable than others. A TV or music system will never be as precious as your house ownership documents, insurance policies, jewelry, etc. A home safe is useful for these things. Many safes include cutting-edge security technology that is difficult for thieves to breach. They also guarantee privacy for the information you don’t want everyone to know. 

Rameez Usmani, Digital Marketing Expert The Green Pinky

9. Install A Peephole On Your Front Door

Peepholes are great for recognizing visitors. The effectiveness of a good peephole proves that security isn’t all about technology. Even if you have a security camera at the entrance and a sophisticated security system, they may be tampered with or fail.

So put a peephole on your front door. Just slide it up and peek through it. In addition, they are helpful when you leave your kids home and don’t want them to tamper with your security systems or laptops.

Ethan Howell, Co-Owner of Florida Environmental

10. Set An Alarm On Your Cell Phone To Go And Lock All Doors And Windows Each Night

Doing this helps you to remember to ensure everything is locked. When your household is numerous, it’s difficult to monitor and control who has been where, and done what, inside the house, so you can never be 100% sure that everything is locked. 

I set my alarm to 10 pm. I still haven’t gone to bed, but work is finished, and the household is cozying up for the night. There are times I noticed a window closed but not locked, and that’s a safety breach right there.

Don Adams, General Manager at RegionalFoundationRepair.com

11. Embrace a Lifestyle of Awareness

It’s a fact- criminals tend to strike when people aren’t paying attention. That’s why it’s essential to stay aware of your environment. Don’t let yourself get distracted from what’s going on around you—especially if you’re walking alone! It only takes a split second for something wrong to happen, and that’s why it’s so important to remain proactive. Even if you’re enjoying an evening at home, it’s essential to be aware. You don’t want to walk around in a cloud! That’s how people get hurt. Use your powers of observation and look around: see what’s going on and who’s there. If something seems off, call 911 immediately.

12. Multiple Points of Entry

Make sure you have numerous ways into your home. Keep things challenging for criminals—especially if they want to know what they’re up against. If you have only one way in, it’s easier for them to break in. That’s why it’s essential to ensure your home has multiple points of entry. If you have more than one entrance into your home, here are some tips on protecting that area.

13. Use Locks on All Doors and Windows

Two locks can be used on doors and windows: deadbolts and chain locks. Deadbolts are the most robust lock to use on entry doors. They’re powerful and challenging to break into. The same is valid for chain locks, which should be used on all other doors and windows in your home.

If you’ve done home improvement projects in the past, securing your home need not be expensive. Adding a chain lock to your front door would be a cinch if you already know your way around power tools. In addition to doors, you can also secure those sliding glass windows with a few key locks.

When you’re confident to do the burglar-proofing yourself, it’s not a bad idea to learn the basic skills needed to unlock deadbolts. Of course, locks are made to work, but wear and tear can sometimes cause them to get jammed. When you have the knowledge and tools for locksmith work, you can rest easy knowing this is a problem that you can solve without having to pay a hundred dollars for a professional.

14. Use Light Sets With Motion Sensors

By adding lights with motion detectors, you can give yourself the ability to see intruders before they get too close. These lights make it much harder for criminals to work quietly in an attempt to escape unnoticed.Lynda Fairly, Co-founder Marketing Numlooker