Bicycle Safety 101: Obey the Rules of the Road

Rules of the road when cycling

  1. Ride on the right with traffic.
  2. Closer you are to the speed of traffic, the further you ride out in the road.
  3. When turning, use turning lane.
  4. Obey traffic signs, lights and road markings.
  5. Give right of way to pedestrians.
  6. Use correct hand signals.

Safety Tips

  • Be Consistent! Ride where a vehicle should be.
  • Motorists don’t look for traffic in weird places.
  • A cyclist is the driver of a vehicle. You must accept the duties and follow the traffic rules.
  • Riding and wearing safe equipment, knowing the rules and following the safety tips prevents serious injuries and deaths from bicycle accidents
  • The only safe bicyclist is the one who stays alert and aware of their surroundings.

Important Bicycling Safety Tips

  • Make it a habit! Six point safety check your bike every time.
  • Protect your head. Wear a helmet.
  • See and be seen. Stay visible to motorists.
  • Stay alert. Listen and Look.
  • Obey the rules of the road.
  • Use your hand signals.
  • Remember that some drivers just don’t see you.
  • Don’t ride in traffic until you can safely negotiate it.
  • Avoid riding at night, but if you do, be visible.
  • Be predictable. Don’t surprise anyone else on the road.
  • Prevent bicycle theft. Lock up your bike.

Bicycle Safety Tips Handouts & Guides

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