Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Locksmith for Your Rental Property

Are you wondering if it’s worth investing in a professional locksmith company? This article has all the answers you need about locks for your rentals. These days it’s easy to get a DIY solution for nearly any home project, making people think they do not need professional services.

However, this article highlights the top 5 reasons to hire a locksmith for your rental property. We’ll also be discussing what to do if a tenant is locked out and the best locks for your rentals. 

Types of Locks for Your Rental


Kwikset locks are one of the most common on the market. Their design is suitable for rekeying purposes, so you can easily change the locks when a tenant moves out. They come pre-installed with a learning tool that resets the locking mechanism after inserting a new key. Your Kwikset then learns from the new compatible and renders other keys ineffective. If you hire a rental management company to secure your property, you might find that they’re familiar with this system.

Keypad Locks

Keypad locks substitute the regular key system for a keypad with a unique code. Thus, as long as you and your tenants keep the code a secret, your house remains secure. Another reason this lock is a great security system for a rental is that you can also generate one-time passwords for maintenance specialists who need access when no one is home. 

Landlord Locks

Like the other locks we’ve mentioned, it’s relatively easy to reset access with landlord locks. This mechanism works by replacing the inbuilt cylinders, which require a different key to open. The crucial difference between this option and others is a master key that works with each configuration you order. 

What to do If a Tenant is Locked Out

There are several reasons a tenant might find themselves locked out of their apartment and have no choice but to call you. They might misplace their wallet, break their key, or accidentally lock themselves out of their unit. Either way, such calls often mean you have to abandon whatever you’re doing and be of aid. 

However, some options let you grant tenants access without moving a muscle:

  • A code-protected dropbox:  These physically drop boxes where you can pre-insert a spare key to the apartment. Since they operate with a code, you can disclose the password to the tenant when they need it.
  • Upgrade to a touchpad system: You could upgrade to a touchpad system rather than investing in a code-protected dropbox. These are similar to keypad locks and grant renters entry once they know the password. 

Benefits of Professional Locksmith Services

Expert Knowledge 

One of the most obvious benefits of hiring a locksmith for your rental property is talking with an expert. Like other professional services, locksmiths require extensive training and certification to perform their jobs efficiently. As a result, they’re more familiar with your rekeying and replacing broken locks. While it might seem more reasonable to Google DIY tricks on how to change your locks, you lose valuable time in research and action. On the other hand, a professional could have your doors ready and secure in minutes. Apart from the expert knowledge or service provided by professionals, you can also ask them some of your most pressing questions. 

Top-notch Tools and Equipment

If you decide to fix your locks with DIY tricks, you’ll also need the right tools for an efficient job. Unfortunately, some of this equipment is quite expensive and would counteract the net ROI. However, professional locksmiths benefit significantly from investing in this hardware and won’t charge you for bringing them along. As a result, their work is more likely to be more refined. Thus, when you have a stand-by expert, you know someone is always ready to come by with the right tools in hand. 

24/7 Emergency Response 

Sometimes you don’t have time to experiment with your locks in the case of an emergency. For example, if a tenant is locked out or has their key stolen, you’ll need access as soon as possible. Instead of tinkering around with the locks, you can quickly call a locksmith to fix the problem. Establishing a relationship long before those 2 am emergencies can help you save a fortune from the exorbitant prices of first-contact calls. Besides, it also means you’re less likely to pay a premium on upgrades and other services. 

Additional Security Services

Professional locksmiths rarely specialize in changing locks only. They offer a vast range of services, including car locks, home security systems, and surveillance cameras. Thus, they can help if you’re dealing with issues like a mobile lockout or need an opinion on what security system to install. 

Latest Safety Tips

Finally, we highly recommend hiring a professional locksmith in your rental because you get access to the latest safety tips. Burglars, vandals, and other criminals continuously refine their techniques to break into your home. The only solution to that problem is to remain one step ahead of them by upgrading your locks and alarm systems. As professionals, locksmiths are more likely to keep up with the latest safety trends. Thus, establishing a relationship with these experts could help you combat security threats. 


We hope you found this article on the top 5 reasons to hire a locksmith for your rental property useful. It’s never a bad idea to establish a professional relationship with an expert that knows their stuff. It saves you the trouble of purchasing the necessary tools, and you also have access to the latest safety tips and additional security services.