DIY wireless home security systems are a good option for protecting your home against intruders. Such systems tend to be cheaper since they are sold as a product that you can operate on your own and not a service operated by trained professionals and requires you to pay recurring charges. You can purchase a good and reliable DIY home security system online from e-commerce platforms like Amazon or online stores of security equipment manufacturers and retailers. Here are some options you can choose from if you are interested in setting up a DIY home security system. 


Abode is one of the best DIY home security systems for smart homes. Abode is an all-inclusive, user-friendly option compatible with devices running Apple HomeKit, Z-Wave, and Zigbee. It provides you the peace of mind knowing that your family is connected to both significant voice assistants — Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. No other DIY system on this list even comes close.

Abode is an intelligent automated system that allows you to create custom routines. You can easily set up these routines to activate the smart home device based on the time of the day or when sensors detect something. An example of one such routine would be to arm your Abode device when leaving the house to provides security for home and family members.


Frontpoint offers an upgraded DIY experience that makes it easy to install and use the equipment. Users love its helpful customer support and great security cameras that give them 24/7 monitoring ability for their indoor and outdoor spaces.


How to install the home security system?

When it comes to installing your home security system, you have two options. You can either install and monitor the system yourself or simply install motion detectors and hire someone else who will monitor them for you on an ongoing basis without the need to sign any contracts in return. 

What is the best store-bought home security system?

The five best home security systems that you can buy from your local security equipment stores are:

Can I install a security camera outside my house?

It is important to note that you can install cameras in all areas of your property, including the backyard or front yard. You do not have any restrictions on where these cameras may be placed so long as they aren’t infringing anyone else’s rights.

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